Sue Perez- Ayurvedic Holistic Esthetician

 Sue Perez

Born and raised in New York City, Esthetician Sue Perez understands  first hand the harmful effects of living in a toxic environment and the stresses it can cause the body and skin.


"I believe in holistic health for total well being and the power of healing with organic aromatherapy. My goal is to educate and beauty is my passion."

~Sue Perez

Having had a love of makeup and an Art School background, she worked professionally on magazine editorials and advertising campaigns. Currently she is a makeup artist for NBC Universal and works part time offering  holistic skin and body treatments at wellness locations throughout New York City.  She  bring over twenty years of experience in the beauty industry to everything she does.

Sue is an industry expert contributing for on all topics beauty related.  She took her passion for skincare to the next level with a NY State license from the notable Aveda Institute known for it's Ayurvedic and eco friendly skincare rituals. "I learned a lot about the power of Aromatherapy and it's healing effect on the body, it can elevate your mood instantly".

Sue believes that the foundation for total body wellness comes from using a holistic mind body spirit approach. When  she began her esthetics practice she encountered the tremendous need for balance and repair to stressed skin and how lifestyle impacts skin aging. Her clients were using products with ingredients that congested the pores and she found herself re-educating the client during skin analysis. Hence the birth of Beautyphonics.
"I take my knowledge of Skincare, and Love of Beauty, to Restore, Balance, and Refresh the Human Spirit"


Sue has been featured in Latina Magazine and as an authority in skincare and beauty.

Currently, she practices her rejuvenating skincare services at Atmananda Yoga in New York City.


" It's the best holistic facial using certified organic skincare in New York City. Aromatherapy relaxing massages and gentle exfoliation made me re-book with Sue every time I went to see her for a facial. She is gentle and kind and I was lucky to find her esthetics practice." 
~ K.  Tyler

"Sue was referred to me by a friend and promised  she would cure my acne. The improvement in my skin since using her skincare is unbelievable.

I also love the monthly facials, she really knows her stuff!"  

~A. Macedo