" At the clinic when I'm preparing a facial and during the skin analysis is when my client and I speak the most. Looking under the lamp, at clean skin...


That is the time I can see the story. The condition of the skin, the texture, the appearance without makeup.I can literally tell them what they are doing wrong and what products they should  be using to improve their skin.

My clients say they never learned so much!"


What is my skin type?

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How do I get a healthy tan this summer?
by Sue Perez on 

This is the time of the year when I get this question the most. With Skincare cancer rates at an all time high, sun exposure poses a health concern. I tell my clients to self tan before going in the sun, or what I affectionately call Fake Bake. There are many choices to choose from in terms of product and the formulas have improved so you won't end up looking like a nacho chip. The trick is you need to exfoliate in advance and use lots of moisturizer before your sun exposure. The payoff will be  a safer tan without burning and a longer sustained glow. Here is the protocol:


  • 1. A few days BEFORE your trip or weekend at the beach exfoliate your entire body in the shower using a body scrub. I love Neal Yards Remedies- Geranium and Orange Sea Body Scrub. It contains invigorating aromatherapy oils that smell fantastic and sea salt which is stimulating and detoxifying. If you need to shave or wax I recommend not doing that on the same day, so do it the day before or day after. massage the body scrub upwards in a circular motion starting with your feet all the way up and rinse.

  • 2. self tanners work best on dry skin so wait a few hours after the shower or self tan in the morning and apply lots of body lotion or body butter to your whole body. This helps the tan look even and your skin will be very hydrated. I use the body balm from NYR called Wild Rose Body Elixir. It contains Rosehip, Patchouli, Geranium and Grapefruit Oils. It creates the most intoxicating aroma! In addition is has radiance properties and leaves your skin feeling silky not greasy.

  •  3. Now your skin is ready to receive your self tanning products. wear disposable gloves to protect your hands and apply the self tanner from the bottom up. I use extra body balm on ankles, elbows and knees to avoid those areas becoming too dark. Let the tanners dry well, so avoid tight clothing or going to bed.

  • 4. Now you are ready for sun and once you get your tan, apply self tanner every other day as needed and exfoliate once a week. When you are in the sun more than 20 minutes reapply sunscreen as needed. Use appropriate self tanning products and exfoliating cremes for the face.

I recently traveled to Puerto Rico and followed my own protocol and I'm very happy with my safe tan and the results! For a look at the products I love visit here.

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What is Microdermabrasion?
by Sue Perez on 

So today one of my associates asks me about Microdermabrasion and he wants to know what I think about it. Microdermabrasion is an advanced mechanical skin procedure that uses a machine to remove dead surface skin cells. If you have a lot of sun exposure leading to hyper pigmentation or corsely textured skin then you may be a candidate for this service. The machine uses a powerful electronic vacuum that sprays your skin with micro-crystals through a handpiece that is rubbed over your skin. It is not for everyone and can do more harm than good if used improperly.


Personally in my career as an esthetican I have not used one, but now there are many less expensive devices on the market that women but to simulate this procedure at home. These are the rotating "brushes" and special at home facial devices you see advertised in the magazines. I have seen many clients throught my career in different spas who come in for a facial and of all the ones who have used these methods this is the number of great results that I've seen. ZERO. In fact I have seen more broken capillaried and retexturized skin due to this service because an esthetican talked them into buying a series of it, or they use these devices with scrub creams or worse, PEELS! Once I saw a client who was badly burned! I gave her hydration and cooling products to counteract the redness in her skin all becuase she has a pimple and a wedding to go to. My advice is if you feel you want advanced skin treatmnets, seek an esthetican and look into these services before purchasing them. Improper use of microdermabrasion can actually lead to hypopigmentation which is an absence of skin tone and sensitivity. At Beautyphonics our peels are plant based and very gentle. See our Ageless Facial for our natural answer to signs of aging on the skin.

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Spring Brings Eternal Radiance
by Sue Perez on 

It's time to leave the Ugg Boots and hats at home, Finally! It seems no state this year was exempt from freezing temps and climatic conditions. What I've seen in my spa tells me the story. Over dehydrated skin from too much heat inside and too much environmental exposure. When I look at skin under a mag lamp it amplifies the skin and I can see pores, broken capillaries and skin texture. Most everyone is dehydrated, the skin loses moisture which is why a lotion is so important. The makeup we use can clog pores and congest the skin. My male clientele who shave and has a slightly stronger skin can over exfoliate and strip the skin leaving them chapped and irritated. My favorite moisturizer  that works great as a lightweight skin protector and hydrator is Frankincense Intense. It's an award winning age defying cream that uses natural plant stem cell technology to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. If you don't have wrinkles that doesn't mean you shouldn't protect your skin and with the brutal winter behind us, your skin is in need of pampering.



For a combination or slightly oil skin a more matte finish is recommended and the Purifying Palmarosa Ma<font class="plain">ttifier does just that in addition to being a great under makeup base! As a makeup artist I love this product on photo shoots because it does not contain silicone or clog pores. When you see a congested pore or blackhead it needs to be removed professionally. At Beautyphonics we use organic skincare and massage techniques to soften the epidermis and gently exfoliate the skin. After any of our facials your skin is positively glowing!


"Spring means having a beautifully natural even complexion."


My makeup must have is mineral foundation. Enriched with anti-oxidants and skin-nourishing botanicals. The best part is you can build the coverage using a kabuki brush. There is no texture like a liquid makeup and its sheer and feels like there is nothing on your skin. These beauty items from NYR Organics is a great first step in your personal Spring eternal radiance!


Sign in on our Forum with questions or comments and click here to see the products and learn more about the great organic skincare we use at Beautyphonics!


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My Baby
by Sue Perez on 

I have been working hard behind the scenes this month to incorporate my business, after all how can you be taken seriously if your not professional? I asked my accountant about DBA accounts and such and he said " You have to set up a real business, a name , a license, anything else is monkey business". Good advice.


This month is the official birthday of my company Beautyphonics. I purchased the domain last year but didn't make decisions on what to do until now and it feels amazing! My web designer Alex has been my right hand in this but most importantly my cheer leader." Sue, I get so mad sometimes when I see some kid on you tube with a million hits and you're the real deal!" I laugh about it because there is nothing wrong with making videos for youtube.


Our social media landscape certainly has diminished old schools of thought of what was once considered to be the right way or wrong way to do things. Make up is exciting and can be very creative. But I'm sure most would agree that bright yellow eyeshadow is more about " A Look" than it is about whats wearable. With Spring fast approaching what are the trends? What's new? What's hot? I don;t follow any of those things, I like what works. And what works in makeup is what works best for the client. It's personal, everything else is inspiration.


So this month of March I toast to the birth of my new baby and I toast to you!

Always be inspired!

 ~Sue Perez

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Want to Escape to Hawaii This Month of February? Ok ! Keep Reading.
by Sue Perez on 

 "Hamau" said the woman softly as she escorted me through a narrow doorway. She was wearing the largest white gardenia flower in her hair I had ever seen " That means, please be quiet in Hawaiian" she smiled a wide smile. I took her direction and silenced my iphone and slightly embarrassed hid it from view. We entered a large circular room where I could see a small bench with a folded robe sitting  atop and soft leather flip flops on the floor. " You may change your clothing here, please take your time, no worries and rest your feet in the foot basin, Miss Eliza will be with you shortly." Then she was gone.

I began disrobing and noticed how worn the flip flops appeared. How many people before me had worn them? I slid the robe on over my shoulders, the fabric felt silken and it was covered with hand painted beautiful shades of blue and turquoise I stood up and admired my reflection. My skin was ruddy and looked dry. I know I just got off a long fight but I could see the puffiness again around my eyes. I looked tired and older then I cared to admit. It's just New York I told myself, too much stress. I tied my hair up in a loose top knot and decided I would leave it all behind. "You're in Hawaii now, let it all go in this spa treatment and it's going to be amazing, no phones, no faxes, just chill!" I laughed talking to my own reflection when I began to hear music. It was soft, like a harp, but different, like a guitar, I had never heard this strange music before.

I sat down on the bench and dipped my feet into a surprisingly warm foot soak of  Kukicha tea, there were Pulmeria flower petals floating on the top. I took a deep inhale and slowly exhaled and wondered if I would do this at home. Another woman entered the room and removed a large fluffy yellow towel from the shelf, she smiled and said "Aloha, I am Eliza, are you poloi? I have a pu'iwa waiting for you". She was like someones sweet grandmother, her hair resembled charcoal spun cotton and  her eyes sparkled as she spoke. She knelt down and took each foot and wrapped it in the large towel drying my feet tenderly.  "Uh...sorry...Pu who?" She laughed softly "you will see" and she stood up. Behind her was a box crafted from bamboo leaves, she pulled out a  long string of flowers. When she turned to me I could see that she was holding a necklace, a Lei of miniature flowers! It was so beautiful and fragrant. This one had orchids of purple and white. I bowed my head as Miss Eliza placed it around my neck. "Nani! means beautiful" I inhaled the sweet perfume of the Lei and thanked her, "Mahalo".

I slid my feet into the worn flip flop sandals and noticed that they were warm! I followed Miss Eliza down a curved corridor which led to an outdoor garden, that's when the music I was listening to grew loudest and I could see a young man was playing a stringed instrument, the Ukulele. No stereo speakers, no Bose sound system, just real live music. Wow! this place was beginning to feel a world away from everything I knew. Miss Eliza appeared again. "Are you ready for your organic Hawaiian facial? Your skin will have a beautiful glow for the Luau tonight!" I smiled and she escorted me to a draped area where a massage table was set up with white towels and sheets. I laid down slipping my robe off of shoulders and  I was lightly covered with cool sheets.The Esthetician entered and wrapped my hair snugly inside of a towel making sure all my hair was secure. Her voice was soft and she applied aromatheraphy oils of mandarin around my temples. Her hands were soft and they were moist with warm water as she slid them over my face and forehead.Cool mango and pineapple aromas filled the air as she massaged the scrub into my skin using circular motions over my throat and decollete area. She removed them with a hot scented towel and gently painted a mask that smelled entirely of coconut. She massaged my arms and hands with lemon scented cremes that were warmed and hydrated my skin from within.

Everything had faded away and my body felt numb with heavy relaxation. When the facial service was over the music stopped playing and I began to hear drum beats. The warm night air and intoxication massages made me feel renewed and Miss Eliza appeared again. " Would you like a inu as you walk Kama Ole?"
yes, I replied even though I didn't understand a word and I took a drink from her hand as I  followed her out into the garden again. My beverage was sweet this time, tasting like Sake and ginger root. It was stimulating and I felt dizzy and happy at the same time. Hula dancers were performing for other spa guests as they drank from the wooden cups I had my tea in hours earlier. I sat on a padded sofa and stared into the rhythmic fire of the Tikki torches. The drum beats, the night wind, the scented aromas and intoxicating flowers, all of these sensory experiences caressed me and I felt imbued with renewal and relaxation. I glanced down at my robe that seemed to glow from the moonlight and make the blue hand painted design appear like the sky at dusk.

"How was your service sweetie?" I looked up and saw a tall handsome man wearing a floral printed Hawaiian shirt. His deep tan making his eyes appear blue. I smiled and blushed forgetting that my husband had surprised me with this trip and spa service.
"It was wonderful darling...please don't wake me!" and we laughed out loud.

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Beat the wintertime blues!
by beautyphonics on 

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