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Aromatherapy is natures cure


Most people would agree that after taking a warm scented bath you would feel relaxed, in cases where there is illness present you might even feel better. But using specific aromatherapy treatments can take it a step further. Essential oils are the purest essence taken from an herb, plant, flower or fruit and once added to carrier oils, or cremes can be applied to the face and body. They diffuse through the skin penetrating deeply and can activate your olfactory and lymphatic system.


Disease and illness is a result of many factors and the origin is imbalance. Our bodies naturally restore themselves and with proper nutrition and care you can retard the aging process. But the lymphatic system removes all of the bodies cellular waste, it should also be encouraged to eliminate toxins through massage and exercise. Regular facials are an excellent way to restore balance and beauty to the epidermis, our skin should glow and feel refreshed and with the balancing of aromatherapy at Beautyphonics, you will feel restored.


Beautyphonics offers a comprehensive list of services including Holistic Facials, Body Treatments, Makeup, Eyelash Extensions and Waxing services.  In accordance with Holistic skincare we offer a full body, hair and skin care products from our partner Neal's Yard Organics.